I’m a Fiction Writer, So Why Do I Write About Social Issues?

I love to write, and I primarily write fiction because that’s what I enjoy reading.  I enjoy reading and writing stories.

Often in writing, we talk about plot driven fiction and character driven fiction.  Plot driven fiction is the type that’s focused on action and lots of stuff happening.  Character driven fiction is more about the characters in the world.

I’m more interested in character driven fiction.  That’s what I like to read, and that’s what I like to write.  I became a therapist because I’m interested in people.  I want to hear their stories and learn why they think and feel the way they do.

When I talk about social issues, it’s because I’m interested in the people having the issues, not the groups.  I care about the story of one homeless man, and the story of the refugee mother.

I’m intensely interested in people, especially those who can’t (or won’t) speak for themselves.  We have a lot of people who don’t have a voice, or who’s voice isn’t heard over the cacophony of social media.

When I write fiction, I write for entertainment first.  But a lot of my characters do struggle with other issues.  I think that the most interesting characters are ones who’ve triumphed over something.

It is really, really easy to believe the worst about someone based on what you assume.  It’s only when you sit down and listen to their stories that they become more sympathetic, and ultimately, more human.

That’s why I talk about social issues sometimes.  I care about the humans who get lost in the crowd.  I don’t want to tell anyone how to think, and I’m fine if people disagree with me.  I just want to offer up a different point of view, speak for the voiceless.

I’m no expert on politics or religion or other social issues.  I am, however, a sympathetic person who is good at caring about others.  I’m a work in progress who wants to be a little better every day.  I’m a writer who loves to be entertained, but also wants to remember that people matter.  Words matter.  If nothing else, try to make yours a little kinder today.


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