V is for V for Vendetta

Unknown-1I saw the movie, V for Vendetta when it first came out, and it’s one of those rare movies that I loved.  I loved the wordplay, the philosophy, and the idea that one man could create so much change.  I also loved how Evey changes so much over the course of the movie.  When the end credits rolled and I saw it was based on a book, I hurried to Amazon to buy it.

Imagine my dismay when I found out that it wasn’t a book, but a graphic novel.  A comic book.

I didn’t read comic books as a kid.  Partly because there weren’t enough words in them, so they moved too slowly for me.  Partly because I was a snob and thought they were somewhat too childish for me.

I couldn’t resist V for Vendetta though, and I learned that, as with so many other things, my pre-judgement was wrong.

It’s true that graphic novels tend to have fewer words and rely more heavily on visual storytelling, but it’s just a different way to tell a story.  It’s not better or worse than novels; they are their own medium.

The movie and the graphic novel are different, but this is one of the few times that doesn’t bother me.  They are both quite good versions of the same story.

I think I’m finally to the point where I don’t say that I won’t read something.  I know that I don’t know what something’s going to be like until I try it.

8 comments on “V is for V for Vendetta

  1. Ahh, I could recommend so many graphic novels to you, if you wanted to take the step. Heh. I won’t preach, though.

    • doreeweller says:

      I love recommendations! So far, I like V for Vendetta, the Walking Dead, Odd Thomas, and Anita Blake books. So I’d love to hear what you think I should try.

      • Briefly : Three I’d recommend off the top of my head would be Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (DC Comics), The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (DC), and A Contract with God by Will Eisner. The first two give a somewhat different slant on standard superheroics, and the third is a good example of what comics without superheroes can be.

      • doreeweller says:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I put them on my list and will definitely check them out.

  2. djinnia says:

    i’m a manga reader myself. i love to see the visual aspect of them. i love V too. i was lucky enough to find a beautiful used copy in my hometown (no book store) so it didn’t cost the 20 or so bucks.

  3. I never read comics as a child (probably snobbery too but also not the kind of stories I liked) My youngest boy used to get Power Ranger comics out of the library cause he loved them. I hated trying to read them to him… biff bam… this one says… arghhh. He just liked the pictures anyway

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