D is for Dexter

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My theme this month is 26 of the Best Characters in Fiction.

IMG_8320Full disclosure here… I once got a “talking to” at a job because I told co-workers I wanted to be a serial killer when I grow up. In my defense, most of the time, social workers and therapists have a dark sense of humor. But, lesson learned to be aware of my audience. Anyway…

This is on my list of “Ideas I Wish I Had First.” I actually do keep that list, and I don’t add every book I love to it, but this one is on it. Though I probably couldn’t have done as good of a job as Jeff Lindsey did with Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

If all you know of this character is from the TV show, then you need to run out and get the book or audiobook right now. Seriously. The TV show was great, but it was not the same thing. The first season takes a lot of it’s story from the first book, but it completely missed my favorite part of this character: his Dark Passenger.

That’s what Dexter calls the part of him that needs to kill. It whispers to him and gives him these murderous urges. Dexter’s adoptive father, Harry, helped him channel his urges into something different, namely killing bad people.

Dexter is the part of all of us (or maybe just me) that has that sense of vigilante justice, that wants bad people to get what’s coming to them. He’s the ultimate antihero, because he isn’t a good guy, but he does more good than bad.. doesn’t he?

At the same time, Dexter makes me laugh. He’s genuinely funny in the books, probably because he doesn’t mean to be. I relate to that so much, because I’m only funny by accident. (No, really, just ask my friends. When I *try* to be funny, I fail spectacularly.)

I love antiheroes and characters with moral complexity. It’s easy to love and relate to a hero, but an antihero spotlights the complexity of what it means to be human.

What do you think of Dexter, or antiheroes in general?



3 comments on “D is for Dexter

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    I have never seen Dexter, but I love the book titles. I’ll have to check it out. Not a fan of serial killers but I kinda don’t mind as much if he is only killing the bad guys.

  2. I will check out the Dexter book. I wasn’t that taken with the series. Love your personal story–about wanting to grow up to be a serial killer. I can see a kid saying that, before they really understood.

  3. Old grey-haired Hippie Lady says:

    I loved the Dexter series. I didn’t know there was a book or two. I’ll have to check them out. I really miss the series and hope it comes back, with him picking up where it left off, but in Alaska.

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