Sharing the Positive

IMG_8227This has been on my mind to write for awhile.

I’m a member of several Facebook groups, like Humans of New York and the Kindness Challenge. But I also click any link that promises a happy story, one that highlights the positive things my fellow man does.

While most of the comments on these positive posts are encouraging and loving, I do sometimes see people ask why the person filmed and shared what they did instead of just quietly and altruistically doing it.

While I understand the sentiment, I also know that we’re in a world where, if it’s not captured by a cameraphone or on social media, it didn’t happen.

The news inundates us with all the worst stuff that people do to one another. I don’t care if the people who share these videos are looking for attention. I don’t care if they wouldn’t do this nice stuff if no one was watching.

I care that they did something nice for another human being, and I get to see that good stuff happens in the world. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Good deeds are good deeds, no matter the motivation. Spreading positivity is always better than the alternative.

We’re in an increasingly connected, visible world. I can’t imagine what it must be like, as a teenager and young adult, to have all the stupid things you said and did preserved in a public forum. So when someone shares a video of some kindness they did, don’t look at it as vanity (though it might be). Look at it as a product of the times, and be glad you got to see someone doing something nice for one another.

The world can always use more kindness.

9 comments on “Sharing the Positive

  1. messymimi says:

    Sometimes it’s not the person doing the kindness who is doing the filming, either. It might be, but it might be someone who sees a good thing and wants to share.

  2. A friend of mine ran a series on her blog called “Random Acts of Kindness,” and she’d relate things she’d done (no videos) and encourage her readers to follow suit. A couple of her readers complained that she was bragging, and she discontinued the series. I know her well, and she wasn’t doing it to brag!

    • doreeweller says:

      I think it’s wonderful that she did that, and she probably did inspire people to find more ways to be kind. There are always those complainers though… they never seem to do anything but complain, do they?

  3. I watch a lot of those videos. The only ones that I question videoing is when there’s a rescue or something going on. I always think to myself – why aren’t you putting down the camera and helping. Girl Who Reads

  4. Any large effort or grand gesture of help or kindness, might get noticed, reported and captured, no matter of the intent of the one who did the act or started the group/movement/fundraiser, etc. I cannot dispute the Bible, if we “report” our own good works here, we will not have a reward in Heaven for it. That said, I see your point in that we all need to hear all the positive we can these days, just to keep our sanity. So, in that context, perhaps there would still be a small reward in glory. And, too, media attention can help a movement grow, which in turn can mean more money or volunteers for the effort. I suppose that is the bottom line: is the person trying to start an organized effort to help or are they simply trying to do one single act of kindness.
    I Saw It On Facebook at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. scr4pl80 says:

    I love the flowers in that picture! So tired of seeing all the negative posts on Facebook. Agree with looking for the positives! Through one of the other A to Z participants I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award and one of the qualifications is to nominate other bloggers. I have chosen you as one of mine. No pressure to accept, just passing on the good will. You can read all about it on my blog.
    Man It’s May

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