20 Books of Summer Challenge

20-booksCathy, over at 746 Books, is a book addict, like many of us. She started a blog when she realized that she had 746 unread books on her shelves. (I haven’t counted mine… I’m scared.)

She created the 20 Books of Summer Challenge for herself, as a way to get through some of her book stack. But it’s become an event, and many of us have joined in. Though I confess, I only recently heard about it from While I Was Reading

The challenge is simple: Between June 1 and September 3, pull a stack of 20 books and read them. She also has alternate challenges if you want to join, but can only read 10 or 15.

Here are my stacks:



Plus 5 alternates:


So, here we go; these are the books I’m going to read between now and the end of summer. I’m sure they’re not the only books I’ll read. For me, the challenge isn’t the quantity, but actually reading what I’d planned to. I’m not good at that; I see new books and I want to read them. For me, going to a bookstore is like going to the animal shelter… I want them all! But like 746 Books, I need to cull my stacks.

Anyone want to join in? Have you read any of the ones I’m attempting? If so, what did you think?

11 comments on “20 Books of Summer Challenge

  1. Lea says:

    Gahhhhh Bel Canto!!!! I finished my first one last night. 1 down 19 to go. This challenge will be hard for me because I read other mediums so much.

    • doreeweller says:

      Lol. Does that mean I need to send you Bel Canto when I’m done, or you read it already? I haven’t finished one yet (we had to watch House of Cards) but I’m working on it.

  2. grazona says:

    Like you, the real challenge for me is getting through pre-selected books, not the number. Just yesterday I was at the library and picked up a new release I’d never heard of because it called out to me, lol. I have two books from my stack going right now (and three that aren’t from my stack) so I’m hopeful I can do a little of both through the summer and not feel limited by my pre-selections. Good luck to us all!

  3. Anne M Bray says:

    My big “reading” time is November-December. Maybe it’s the darker evenings?
    Right now, it’s all I can do to read a paragraph or two of The New Yorker before I’m nodding off. Too much screen-time. Not enough literature time.

    Pullman — YES! A great world to escape to.
    Patchett — Great!
    The Maguire books are fun (and easy) to read. Has one thinking about fairy tales/Oz in a new way.
    I think I read Flynn and Moran, but I don’t remember.
    I know I read Huxley 50 or so years ago, do I get a pass on not remembering that one?

    • doreeweller says:

      I read another Maguire book awhile ago, and I didn’t like it. I’m giving him another try because people rave about his books. I used to complain that my high school didn’t assign us literature, but now I’m kind of glad. I think it means more to me, reading it as an adult.

  4. I do almost all of my book reading on breaks at work. Since I haven’t been working, I have read only one book and have another I have been trying hard to start. I don’t buy books. I read from library or a loaner from someone who does purchase them.
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. đŸ˜‰

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  6. alicekharper says:

    Love this idea. So many unread books on my shelves. I always mean to read them, but another book always comes along first. I’m doing it!

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