3 comments on “Five Ways To Find Books You’ll Like and Why You Should Leave Reviews

  1. I regret that it’s not often that I read books nowadays, and when I do, it’s invariably something that was written several years ago.

    And typos drive me nuts, too. The last new book I read was self-published, and the author wrote “waive” twice when he meant “wave.”

  2. Ramona Mead says:

    Thanks again for posting a link to my blog! I agree with you on reviews. Evens a star review can be helpful. I try to write at least a paragraph on Goodreads for every book I read. I feel especially compelled to write a review if my opinion is in the minority of posted reviews. I’ve also noticed there can be a big discrepancy between reviews on Goodreads vs Amazon, I’m not sure what that’s about…

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