Update on Me

I know I sort of dropped off the face of the earth and hadn’t been posting for a couple of weeks, so I wanted to let everyone know where I went.

I had a family emergency, and had to drive from Austin to Phoenix. While I was in Arizona, one of my cats died in her sleep.


Goblyn was the cat probably most pictured on this blog. She was the one who sat on my desk and often on my keyboard, making writing difficult. She was the one who helped me take interesting pictures of books.

Goblyn is the third of my cats to die this year. We had an 18 year old die in January, then another 18 year old a month ago. Goblyn was only 17, and it was unexpected.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I didn’t feel like doing any writing. I decided to let myself take a break and not worry about it.

I’m back now, and starting next week, should resume the regular Tuesday/ Friday posting schedule.

3 comments on “Update on Me

  1. Sorry your mom was sick, but I’m so glad she’s better already.

    Three cats in one year? How awful Losing pets is like losing family members. Goblyn was really beautiful. I’ve never seen markings like that. My own cat, Orson, is thirteen, and I wonder how many years he has left.

  2. Sounds like you deserve a break to rest and heal. Thankful your mom is doing good! It must be hard to lose pets you have had so long. It sounds like you gave them long full lives.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pets. They wrap themselves around our hearts and are a huge part of our lives and leave an empty space when they are gone. Give yourself time and permission to grieve. Take care.

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