Book Challenges 2018

I acquired a lot of books in the last year and read still more from the library. Part of the reason for this was that I did the Popsugar challenge for 2017, and probably due to poor planning on my part, I had to get a lot of the books in order to complete the challenge.

I read and planned as I went along, which is why, of the 52 books on the list, I have 6 left to read with less than a month left in 2017. (Yikes! But I’m pretty sure I can do it… wish me luck.)

I like some things about book challenges, and dislike other things. But I’m going to participate in two challenges for 2018: the Popsugar challenge and the While I Was Reading challenge.

This time around, I’m going to give myself an extra layer of challenge (that I think will actually make it easier). I’m going to plan all the books to read ahead of time, and I’m going to try to read books I already own. There are some categories for which that won’t be possible. (Nordic noir, anyone?)

Here’s my list of books and categories. If you see any blank categories, feel free to suggest books.

Wish me luck; I think it’s going to be a great way to cull my shelves. Hopefully I’ll find some books to donate and some I love and want to keep.

Are you doing any book challenges for 2018?

9 comments on “Book Challenges 2018

  1. Lea Christensen says:

    OOOOO, I like to loosely plan, but I feel a bit boxed in if I force myself to read a stack…see the spectacular fail that was the 20 books of summer 🙂 I do want to read my own shelves for these challenges this year….

    • doreeweller says:

      I agree, and I had the same trouble. But I’m hoping I’ll be successful because it’s a much wider range of books than a measly 20 from the summer. If I end up not wanting to read one of the ones I picked, I’ll change it out for something else. To be honest, I’m excited about most of these and warily hopeful about others.

  2. I don’t do any challenges, per se. I just read what I can when I can either find time, or make time, for reading.

  3. Ramona Mead says:

    I’ve spent some time this week matching up what I already own to the challenge lists. I want to cull my stacks as well this year. Not that I won’t acquire more, of course but I know I have so many gems here, I want to get to them! I completed the Pop Sugar 2017 challenge back in the fall. I officially quit the Read Harder challenge this week. I was trying to power through but it became too forced and I really didn’t like how specific the categories were this year. I am so excited to get started on 2018’s lists and to have you joining in my challenge!

    • doreeweller says:

      Yay, I’m excited too! I quit Read Harder last year, but I know I can finish Popsugar, so I’m in. It will be interesting to see what everyone ends up reading for your challenge.

  4. scr4pl80 says:

    I’m doing Pop Sugar again this year too. I’ve done it for the last couple of years. I like the idea of planning ahead and using books I already own so I’m gonna try that too! Thanks for sharing your picks.

  5. […] Book Challenges 2018 A very recent post, but it just goes to show how interested in book challenges people are becoming. I’m going to try to be better about posting updates on my progress next year. Join me and feel free to update me on your progress too! […]

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