5 Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

It’s still January, so I can talk about New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions, in general, aren’t my thing. (Except becoming more organized… I make that one every year.) But there are five bookish New Year’s Resolutions I made.


  1. Read more books that I already  own. Culling my shelves for the 2018 challenge reminded me that I have tons of books I’m interested in reading. I just need to focus and not get distracted by new books. In addition to those, I pulled a bunch off my shelves that I always forget I have but know I want to read.
  2. Do better about writing about books I read. I started to keep a book journal in 2017, jotting notes about every book I read, but it quickly became overwhelming. I’m so busy, and adding one more thing to the list doesn’t seem like a great idea. I read for entertainment, but I also read to broaden my mind. Taking a few minutes to reflect on what I read in my journal seems like it would help. I’m reminding myself that I’m doing this for me, and if I have no thoughts about a particular book or just forget to write about one, the book police aren’t going to come get me.
  3. Start being more intentional about books I buy. I sometimes buy things at library sales or Goodwill “because it looks good,” and then often don’t get around to reading them. I end up with the situation I’m in now where I have to cull my shelves. Meanwhile, I don’t buy the books I really wanted because I’d have to get them from Amazon, instead of a chance encounter. That means that my TBR continues to grow and I never seem to get around to those books I really wanted to.
  4. Borrow more ebooks. In general, I prefer paper books for a lot of reasons. But one benefit of ebooks is that I can highlight passages I like. As I’m always trying to become a better writer, it’s helpful for me to be able to look back and see what it is I liked about those passages, if it’s something I just admire or something I’d like to do more of in my own writing.
  5. Be willing to part with more books. I have my list of criteria for keeping books that I try to adhere to, but I almost always struggle with getting rid of books, especially ones I like, even if I know I’ll never read them again. I’m trying to part with more things, in all areas of my life, but books may be the hardest. I just have to remember that if I ever have a burning desire to read that book again, there’s this awesome thing called the library where they have most books, and if they don’t have it, there’s this other thing called Amazon.

Most bookish New Year’s resolutions I saw included “read a certain number of books.” I’m not doing that. I’m sure I could read more books than last year, but number of books doesn’t mean anything. First off, I have many large books on my list, so if I set a number goal, I might be tempted to put off reading them. And I’ve put off Dune and The Stand long enough.

Second, I like the reading challenges because it’s like a scavenger hunt. But an arbitrary number… where’s the fun in that? At the end of the day, I read because it’s fun, not because I’m trying to impress anyone or so I can “win” anything. I just love reading.

Do you have any bookish New Year’s resolutions?

3 comments on “5 Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Great resolutions, some of which I am doing as well. I am trying to read more books I already own and then get rid of them if I can. I’m also doing the PopSugar Challenge and I have set a goal of 25 but only because I did not reach it last year and I want to keep trying to read more. I don’t beat myself up over numbers.

  2. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but as it happens, I’ve been reading quite a few of the as-yet-unread books that I own. It saves money while taking care of “unfinished business,” you might say!

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