Book Challenges- Week 19



My 75-pound lapdog…


I didn’t finish a single book last week! Weird, right? I’m halfway through The Stand, and while I’m enjoying it, it’s one of the longest books I’ve ever read. I’m over halfway through, but I’m starting to think I’m going to be reading it forever. So, tune in next week, because I hope I’ll have it done by then!

Popsugar Challenge

(17/50)- No progress this week.

While I Was Reading Challenge

(4/12)- No progress this week

The Unread Shelf

Running Total: 3 Um… is that really all? I’m not doing so well on this one.

5 Classic Books

(0/5) I’ve started reading The Stand.

Miscellaneous Reading

None this week


None this week.

2018 Running Total: 53

Have you made any progress on your TBR or book challenges? What’s the longest book you’ve ever read?

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