Five Things Friday- May

Yes, I know it’s June, but just barely, so I’m calling this for May. 🙂 I haven’t done one of these since February!

One- What I’m Writing

I’m editing my YA horror novel, Not Dead Enough. I’ve recently gotten some good feedback on it that I’m incorporating.

Two- Random Fact About Me

Dodgeball is the only real (ie. not video game) sport I’ve excelled at. My strategy in dodgeball was to taunt the other players into throwing the ball at me, then someone athletic would attempt to catch it while I fell out of the way. I’m really good at taunting and falling.

Three- What I’m Grateful For This Month

I’m grateful for my peaceful home and my amazing animals. I’ve recently gotten a reminder that peace and quiet aren’t a given. Funny how it can take a reminder before we’re grateful, isn’t it?

Four- When I Wasn’t Reading

I was editing my book and helping a family member with a medical issue.

Five- Favorite Picture This Month


2 comments on “Five Things Friday- May

  1. Love that last photo.

    I never excelled in any sport. I still remember my very first dodgeball game. I had grown up with very few neighbors. Before I eventually made friends at school, most of my time at home was spent reading, or playing alone in the huge field behind our house. In first grade, the teacher organized a game of dodgeball, which I was totally unfamiliar with. The kid with the ball chose me as his very first target. Predictably, I just stood there as he threw the ball at me. The ball hit me and I was “out.” Exasperated, the teacher looked at me as she led me out of the circle, saying “You’re supposed to dodge the ball! Don’t you know how to play dodgeball?!?” I just looked at her and calmly said “No.” Thanks for your support and understanding, teach!

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