I’m a superstitious person, in some ways. Obviously, I don’t think black cats are bad luck, and the only reason I’m worried about walking under a ladder is that I’m clumsy, and who knows how I’ll hurt myself?

I LOVE Friday the 13th. In fact, my grandparents got married on one, so I’ve always considered it a somewhat lucky day. Additionally, I love the numbers 13 and 31.

Broken mirrors worry me a bit, maybe because I like the idea of mirrors being doorways in fiction. If I spill salt, I always throw some over my left shoulder to blind passing witches. When a bird pooped on me at the Jersey shore, I consoled myself that it was good luck.

There are days when I avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. I get nervous if I’m buying something that amounts to $6.66, or worse, if I get that amount in change. I always knock on wood to stun the wood fairies (they’re mischievous, you know). I pick up pennies, and I know bad luck happens in threes (especially deaths).

And I don’t care what anyone says; weird things happen under the full moon. Study after study indicates it’s not true, but when I worked in crisis, if there was a full moon, we were guaranteed a weird night.

What superstitions do you believe in?

One comment on “Superstitious

  1. I worked at a restaurant years ago as a waiter and host. A minister from a local church came to dine with his wife every Sunday. One day, his bill came to $13.34, and he handed me a twenty dollar bill. I’m fairly good with math, so even before I rang up the order, I started laughing. When I handed him his change, I said “And your change will be… six… six… six. Does thsat bother you?” He and his wife laughed as well. He shook his head and said “I have faith in my Lord.”

    I always tease people who say deaths happen in threes. I had fun picking that theory to pieces in one of my old posts:

    However, I do agree with you that people in general act freakier when there’s a full moon. (Hey, that is why they call it “lunacy.”)

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