Five Things Friday- August 2018

One- What I’m Writing

I submitted my YA thriller, Not Dead Enough, to Pitch Wars! (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) I’m editing my YA horror novel, Acheron Crossing, along with my amazing critique groups. And I’m outlining/ brainstorming/ writing/ cursing another YA novel, currently titled Hide in The Light.

Two- Random Fact About Me

I used to practice with a roller derby team. I had to quit before I could ever join (because I got a new job that conflicted).

Three- What I’m Grateful For This Month

I’m grateful for no kill shelters and rescues… they do great work and have amazing volunteers.

Four- When I Wasn’t Reading

I went on a ghost walk in Austin and went to a roller derby bout, both of which were a lot of fun. We also brought a new dog home.

Five- Favorite Picture This Month

Ripley and Midnyte never could have lay this close without grumbling and growling, but Comet and Ripley get along with no problems. It really warms my heart to see them together.

2 comments on “Five Things Friday- August 2018

  1. Ahhh, roller derby! I remember first encountering it (okay, technically, this was Roller Games, which was just like roller derby) on a UHF channel in the early 1970s. I wondered what this so-called sport was that seemed to combine roller skating with the atmosphere and violence of professional wrestling. My mom saw me watching it and said “Oh, that’s roller derby. It used to be really popular on TV.” I’d love to hear any related reminiscences you may have.

    • doreeweller says:

      You know, I remember hearing roller derby being mentioned, but I thought it was an old time sport that didn’t exist anymore. It wasn’t until 2009 when I saw Whip It that I realized it was still around, and that’s why I briefly got involved in 2010. There are roller derby matches here in Austin, and I went to some in Phoenix too. They’re a lot of fun to watch!

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