Be Useful, or Shut Up!

img_7580Recently, my husband and I watched a movie called Monsters, an interesting horror movie about a photographer and his boss’s daughter trying to get back home. They need to travel through an “infected” area, where they could be attacked by aliens.

There were many things I liked about this movie. Overall, if you’re into horror movies, and you’re looking for something different, I recommend it.

When I was watching this movie, I realized that there are certain characters I loathe in books in movies. Those are the characters, usually female, who are deadweight but presented as a legitimate main character.

In this particular movie, the boss’s daughter makes demands while others are engaged in battle. Not out of any malice, but just things like, “What’s going on?” and “Hurry up because if you don’t, we’ll die.”

I hate stuff like that. It makes me want to punch those characters. Seriously. “I knew this was a crisis, but now that you’ve said to go faster, I understand that I was dawdling. Thanks!”

I always talk during movies at home (not at the theater… I’m not a jerk!), and when a character like this comes on, I give them helpful hints on how not to be a useless, annoying blockhead. In this case, it was something like, “Be useful, or shut up.”

Of course, I can’t stand that kind of person in real life either. So I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise…

What characters do you hate?