Feel Good Friday

Every Friday, I highlight positive news stories.  In the past, I’ve just shared links, but this year, I’m going to start to sum up the news stories in a little more detail.

th-111 things that promoted body positivity in 2014.  I really enjoyed #5, If People Were Honest About Women’s Bodies.  It’s a short video, so take the time to watch it.  #8, the preview for the Fattitude Documentary was great, and I’m so watching that when it comes out later this year!  In #10, Zoë Ley talks about how Fitspiration is the new Thinspiration, and that just because something is packaged as being for your “health,” doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful.  Thin does not equal healthy!  And remember, folks, it’s not just women who get the negative body messages.  Men do too, though they tend to be more subtle.  Don’t forget to tell your man you love him, curves and all, too!

Young man wins $500 on a lottery ticket and donates all his winnings to a local animal shelter.  Can I get an “awwww”?

Dubai rings in the New Year with a cool lights show and fireworks around a skyscraper.  This links to both an article and a video of the event.

This is a short video about how avalanche dogs are trained.  It shows 7 month old Mason, and is super cute.  If you need a dose of cute in your day, watch it!

Here’s a lovely little love story, about how one woman found true love with another woman who has autism.  As she tells her story, she talks about how she loves her girlfriend because of her autism, as her autism makes her who she is.

Love who you are, because you’re great the way you are.  Don’t compare yourself to others… just be the best version of yourself you can be!