The Biggest Loser, Newest Season

So Sad!

I am a fan of many of the reality shows. I enjoy The Voice, Deadliest Catch and even So you think you can Dance. In the past I had been a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. My opinion has soured on the long time reality series that helps morbidly obese people change their lives. Jillian Michaels is a great trainer with all kinds of products and endorsements. She lives in a world of the super skinny and gym rat crowd that judges those who struggle with their weight. The few minutes I watched disgusted me; she is ridiculous and unrealistic when working with people of the size of many of her participants. People were passing out and the paramedics on scene were hopping from person to person. The quality show I once enjoyed has become unwatchable and a shame. Do people need encouragement and need to be pushed at times? Absolutely!! Her brand of “tough love” was disturbing and painful to watch. So this season I will watch something else.