That’s Not Funny!

There’s a short story contest I’m interested in entering, but there’s a problem.  The theme is humor, and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really have a sense of humor.  Sure, I can be funny.  When I don’t mean to be.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm what’s funny to see if I can find something to write about for the contest.  I don’t like that much comedy, so I listed what funny shows and books I do like:  Big Bang Theory, South Park, Bulls**t, books by Christopher Moore, and books by Augusten Burroughs.  Yes, that’s really all.

Every once in awhile, I try to write outside my comfort zone to try to expand my creativity.  Even if I wrote something terrible, I’d still want to try.  The only problem is that I’m drawing a complete blank for what I might write.  Nothing comes to mind that might be even remotely funny.  I thought about trying to do a bit of funny horror, but again, no ideas.

I’m going to keep thinking about it though, all the way up to the deadline.  Who knows?  Something funny might pop into my head.  I just worry about whether or not I’d recognize a funny idea if it bit me on my nose.

The Big Bang Theory

I know this isn’t Sunday, and I’m not the TV Guy, but I can blog about TV too!

I happened to catch a rerun of the Big Bang Theory recently, and I have to say that it may be one of my favorite TV shows ever.  It’s completely hilarious.  The jokes are both intelligent and funny (and sometimes go over my head).  The characters are believable, flawed, and likable.  (I actually think I know a few of the guys the characters are based on.)

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a TV show.  I just finished Season 1, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

The show’s theme song, The Big Bang Theory by the Barenaked Ladies, is stuck on repeat in my head.  If you’re looking for a new sitcom addiction, I highly recommend that you join me in watching this one.

My Top 10 TV Picks

by The TV Guy

I have not yet been compelled to do a top 10, or 20, or top anything list until now. As my eyes peruse the massive offering of TV on cable and Netflix I began to ponder. What would the TV guy consider to be his top 10 current shows? If asked for top 10 of all time, it would be quite a task, and I leave that for another time. So I offer to you my top ten currently viewed television shows as viewed by yours truly.

Coming in at number 10- How I Met Your Mother….

This twenty something comedy about friends living and loving in NYC. Earlier episodes were better, now in re-runs for your viewing pleasure.

Number 9 – Two Broke Girls…

When the daughter of a billionaire is left with nothing because daddy goes to prison for a Ponzi scheme, hilarity ensues. Unable to make it on her own, she ends up in Brooklyn, waiting tables. Nothing funnier than a poor little rich girl losing it all.

Number 8 – NBC’s new hit Smash…

When a corn fed girl from Iowa goes to the big city to become an actress, the drama overflows. I’m kind of stuck on this show; it’s not great, but I am drawn to it.

Number 7- Cartoon for Adults – Archer…

Mommy runs the spy agency Archer is an operative for. Now in its third season, it is still as twisted and flat out wrong as it was in season 1. Enjoy!  I do.

Number 6- Betty White in Hot in Cleveland…

Back for another season, this show about transplanted LA folk is still funny. Betty White is incredible in this and worth a watch just for her.

Number 5- Criminal Minds…

Do I need to explain this one? You know, BAU team members, a G-5, and serial killers…

Number 4 – The Mentalist….

Back for another season of solving murders with a reformed crooked mentalist. This show seems to be getting more interesting as time goes on. Add this to your DVR if you haven’t seen it yet.

Number 3- Nerds of the world unite… Big Bang Theory….

This comedy is in re-runs and still pulls great numbers and laughs. Yes it is nerdy, but ever so funny. I am watching re-runs more than once. If you haven’t seen it make a point of it.

Number 2- The Voice….yeah I know, a reality show

I enjoy this one with all the music stars having to beg the contestants to be on their teams. It is an interesting twist on a star maker show.

And last but not least, the show I will not miss is….wait for it….

Biggest Loser! Yeah right, for some reason I enjoy this show a lot. I am late to the party but enjoy watching people change their lives from the inside out.

So there it is… a “Top 10” I know yours may be very different, and when the new season of TV comes along, mine may change as well. Watch, enjoy and watch some more.