2 Broke Girls

by The TV Guy’s Stepmom

imagesAs the new TV season approaches, I’m reminded that it’s much more fun reviewing shows I like…2 Broke Girls had a promising premise-the daughter of a Bernie Madoff-type finds herself, for the first time ever, living in the real world, working as a waitress in a diner, sleeping on a Murphy bed in the apartment of her new best friend and fellow server, hardscrabble Max .

Daddy’s in prison and the family fortune is gone. The episode where Max and Caroline visited a Goodwill Industries thrift shop, a store they dubbed “the Will,” gave me hope that the focus would be on heiress Caroline being schooled in the ways of the world by Max.

Instead, things went downhill rather quickly-the writers go for the cheapest laughs possible-this brand of gutter humor is inappropriate for network TV, and it’s not funny. The supporting players are crude stereotypes who bring nothing to the party.

The female leads, Kat Denning and Beth Behrs, are engaging; they deserve a better vehicle than this. If 2 Broke Girls finds its way back to what I thought was its original premise, the audience (and the cast) will benefit.

Save Me

by The TV Guy

imagesAnne Heche is back as both actor and producer with a brand new sit-com on NBC.

Save Me is a genuinely funny show about a Midwestern woman who after a near death is able to communicate with God.

Now the first thing I think when someone is talking to God is, did they take their medications today?

This show has a positive message about change and redemption. When this once out of control mom and wife wakes up one day and finds that she is missing out on her marriage and her daughters’ life.

This summer replacement is a quality little show worth a look!!!

Cancelled Shows

DSCN3586by The TV Guy

As another TV season comes to a close, so do more than a handful of shows… Many of which I am glad that I did not waste my time with, other than to look them up for this blog. Others I watched a few times with dreams of quality and staying power. Much to my chagrin, some of these shows are now on the chopping block. The shows I did enjoy that are slated for demise may still be resurrected on cable or online… the world is wide open. Some shows have come to their natural end like Fringe, while others should have bowed out years before finally said their goodbyes. If you lost a show you love, buck up! Your favorite networks are churning out new versions of old stories with new actors and locales.

The renewed list, while shorter, is full of many staples like Criminal Minds and Modern Family. Some have been renewed because… well… some people like bad television… and that is ok. So check the list for both the good and bad and prepare yourself for an onslaught of summer filler, some reality crossed with re-runs and new television as well. If one of your favorites has been axed, you can email the network with your words of loss and frustration. Maybe, just maybe you can be part of bringing a show back from the dead. It happens!


“1600 Penn” (NBC)

“666 Park Avenue” (ABC)

“90210” (CW)

“Animal Practice” (NBC)

“Ben & Kate” (FOX)

“Body of Proof” (ABC)


“Cult” (CW)

“Deception” (NBC)

“Do No Harm” (NBC)

“Don’t Touch the B In Apartment 23” (ABC)

“Emily Owens, MD” (CW)

“Go On” (NBC)

“Family Tools” (ABC)

‘Fringe” (FOX)

“Golden Boy” (CBS)

“Happy Endings” (ABC)

“How to Live With Your Parents for Your Life” (ABC)

“Last Resort” (ABC)

“Made In Jersey” (CBS)

“Malibu Country” (ABC)

“Monday Mornings” (TNT)

“Private Practice” (ABC)

“Partners” (CBS)

“Red Widow” (ABC)

“Rock Center With Brian Williams” (NBC)

“Rules of Engagement” (CBS)

“Smash” (NBC)

“Southland” (TNT)

“The Mob Doctor” (FOX)

“The New Normal” (NBC)

“The Office” (NBC) – The Series Finale airs this week

“Touch” (FOX)

“Up All Night” (NBC)

“Vegas” (CBS)

“Whitney” (NBC)

“Zero Hour” (ABC)


“Bar Rescue” (Spike TV)

“Boston’s Finest” (TNT)

“Carrie Diaries” (The CW)

“Community” (NBC)

“Criminal Minds” (CBS)

“Dallas” (TNT)

“Glee” (FOX)

“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)

“Modern Family” (ABC)

“Nashville” (ABC)

“Nikita” (The CW)

“Once Upon a Time” (ABC)

“Parks and Recreation” (NBC)

“Revenge” (ABC)

“Scandal” (ABC)

“Suburgatory” (ABC)


“24” (FOX) may return for a limited, 13-episode run.

“Burn Notice” (USA) will end after this season.

“Chicago Fire” (NBC) spin-off “Chicago PD” picked up.


by The TV Guy

Partners is a comedy based on the lives of creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, lifelong best friends and business partners whose “bromance” is tested when one of them is engaged to be married.

Now this show is written by the creators of Will and Grace but if the first episode is any indicator this is no Will and Grace.

Portions of it were quite funny there were some good jokes but it’s pretty standard stuff that seems to have already been done before.

But since I am a true lover of television I will give the show another chance basically because it’s it’s been placed in between other shows that I enjoy like How I met your mother and Two broke Girls so I will watch again next week and see if its worth all the noise that’s being made about it.

Key and Peele

by the TV Guy

Comedy Central has a winner! In its second season, Key and Peele is a comedy variety show with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. If you are a comedy fan, they may look familiar both starred on Mad TV for a period of time.

I’ve attached a bit that they do where President Obama, in order to get his message across, has his anger translator Luther explain what he’s really trying to say. This is hilarious; I hope you enjoy the attached link. This is really funny stuff.

You can catch Key and Peele Wednesdays at 10:30 / 9:30 central on Comedy Central. Keep an eye out for reruns as well.

For more clips go to comedycentral.com under Key and Peele.

Louis C. K.

by The TV Guy

Comedian Louis C.K. is in his second season on FX. The show is based on his life as a comedian and life changes that come with a divorce.  Louis is muddling through life, more or less waiting to die. He has come to the realization  that he is getting old, and how life will never get any better. His dark humor and morbid view of the world are funny, but this show is not for everyone. The topics can be seen to be in bad taste. If you enjoy comedy that is delivered by a dark, sad, obese, lonely middle aged man pontificating on existence… then this is for you.


by the TV Guy

The re-run is the ultimate way to get into a show that has been on air for a while. I have seen this show a handful of times but never really got into it. Psych is one of those shows! This funny, fast paced show is funny sometimes. This is the type of TV Drama- Comedy that you may overlook once or twice never getting pulled in, until the right episode. Now playing in the re-run ether for your viewing pleasure.
Next time you come across a show you have seen before but weren’t sure of, stop and give it a watch. You may just find a new favorite to enjoy.

That’s Not Funny!

There’s a short story contest I’m interested in entering, but there’s a problem.  The theme is humor, and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really have a sense of humor.  Sure, I can be funny.  When I don’t mean to be.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm what’s funny to see if I can find something to write about for the contest.  I don’t like that much comedy, so I listed what funny shows and books I do like:  Big Bang Theory, South Park, Bulls**t, books by Christopher Moore, and books by Augusten Burroughs.  Yes, that’s really all.

Every once in awhile, I try to write outside my comfort zone to try to expand my creativity.  Even if I wrote something terrible, I’d still want to try.  The only problem is that I’m drawing a complete blank for what I might write.  Nothing comes to mind that might be even remotely funny.  I thought about trying to do a bit of funny horror, but again, no ideas.

I’m going to keep thinking about it though, all the way up to the deadline.  Who knows?  Something funny might pop into my head.  I just worry about whether or not I’d recognize a funny idea if it bit me on my nose.

J is for Jokin’ Around

I don’t have a sense of humor, as anyone who knows me would tell you.  I don’t laugh at jokes much (even when I find them funny), don’t really *get* or like most comedies, and am not particularly funny at any time.

Except when I’m not trying to be.

People who don’t know me find me exceptionally funny, and it perplexes me.  As they laugh, I say something like, “But I was serious!  Why is that funny?”  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my observations on life, while appreciated by others, get me appreciated for my wit and humor, not for my powers of observation.  Apparently my dry and pedantic delivery make me even funnier, and no matter how much I protest, people still think I”m funny.

At least until they get to know me better.

Once they get to know me, most people at least stifle their laughs using a cough or turn away to hide the smile.  They humor me that of course they knew I was being quite serious… it’s just that they thought of a funny anecdote right at that same moment.

*sigh*  I’d like to say that I have a future as a comedy writer or as a stand up comedian, but we both know that’s not true.  Often, when I think something’s funny and try to deliver it to someone, I have to force them to laugh.  “That was funny.  C’mon, you know that was funny.  Just laugh and humor me already!”  They force kind of a disturbed laugh and leave the room pretty quickly, just in case my brand of crazy is contagious in some way.  (I assure you, it’s not.  You don’t need to leave before you finish reading this.)

I’ve mostly come to terms with my lack of sense of humor.  My husband, though, still forces me to watch comedies, even though he gets frustrated with my commentary during the movie.  “That’s stupid.  Why is that funny?  I don’t get it.  Does this movie have a plot?  Will it be over soon?”  About that time, he usually agrees I should go back to reading my book.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil- Watch It Now!

As you can probably tell by my title, I recently watched Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and I have to say, it was one of the best horror/ comedies I’ve seen in awhile.

I love horror movies, but I usually find them to be funny, whether they’re supposed to be or not.  C’mon now!  The hot chick ran up to the second floor screaming?  We know the guy in the mask is going to “find” her.  He’s not stupid just because he’s trying to kill her.  People post on Facebook when they’re cooking dinner or using the bathroom.  Okay, you can’t get to your phone… can you Facebook that there’s an ax murderer in the house?

So, “horror” movies usually make me laugh.  I’ve found a few really good, really scary ones, but those are few and far between.  Tucker and Dale vs Evil made me laugh.  On purpose.  It took a lot of horror movie conventions and made fun of them.

A group of college kids go camping for the weekend.  In the convenience store before they get into the woods, they encounter a couple of rednecks who look a little dirty and creepy.  The college kids (hot chicks included) decide that they must be serial killers.  When they decide to go skinny dipping later that night (cliche!), one of the girls hits her head and would have drowned if Tucker and Dale hadn’t saved her.  They take her back to their cabin so that her friends can come get her.

In the meantime, the friends decide to rescue her, and decide not to get the police (cliche!).  Hilarity ensues as the friends meet with freak accidents.  I really recommend this movie.  It’s funny, well enough written to keep me engaged, with fun characters.  Plus, I really love Alan Tudyk, and he plays one of the rednecks.  Tyler Labine kind of steals the show as Dale, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for comedies he appears in.

Grab some popcorn and settle in and watch the show.