Day 5 of 30 Days of Gratitude


This is my before picture.  Scary, huh?

This is my before picture. Scary, huh?

1. I’m grateful for this very weird burst of organizing gusto I’ve gotten. I’ve wanted to re-organize my office for a long time, and put in my lovely, wonderful, long awaited desk… and that’s as far as I’ve gotten, until today.

2. I’m grateful for whatever force it is that’s allowing me to get rid of things. I don’t throw things away, mostly ever. But I am freecycling, ebaying, and Goodwill-ing.

3. I’m grateful for my book club, which has been exposing me to books I would have otherwise NEVER picked up.

Treasure Hunting

I keep finding gold!  Everywhere I look, there’s more gold!

Okay, not really.  I keep finding junk.  Things I (or my husband- probably my husband) bought, used for awhile, then put aside.  For whatever reason, they sit and collect dust.  And cat hair.  And other things I don’t want to think about.  Like dead spiders.

Last weekend, my husband had the brilliant idea to put a bunch of this stuff up on eBay and see what happens.  Lo and behold! We sold it all.  We didn’t get all the prices we wanted for everything, but at least we got something for everything, and it will go to someone who will actually use it.  At least for a little while until they decide they don’t want it and it sits home and collects dust and spiders.  But hey, that’s less clutter in my house, and less clutter in my house is… well… less clutter in my house.  That’s good, right?

I’m an addict now.  I’m looking around for things I can sell.  The dogs are hiding and my husband has locked his office door.  But selling on eBay is fun.  They make it easy to do, and in only a week, you have to ship your item off to a perfect stranger who wants something you used to care about.  Try it… you’ll see!