Endings and Beginnings

by The TV Guy

UnknownAs we travel on the road of life there are many twists and turns. My life like many others has had fits and starts with little completion of major tasks. Today that all changed!

I crossed the stage and was congratulated for completing something that took a long time to complete. I graduated from college today after decades of trying one thing or the other I finally finished a major task that I have always wanted and today I hold in my hand a college degree.

The past couple of years have rekindled my desire to learn, grow and change. When one chapter ends another is set to begin. I look forward to my next level of education and learning what I am capable of completing when just enough pressure is placed upon me to force something good to come from the confrontation of my fears.

Viewing pick of the week: This is the End!!!

Starring Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and James Franco along with a plethora of cameos like Rhianna and Channing Tatum….need I say more?

It is a weird and twisted apocalyptic story of faith and friendship;>



I was at a graduation ceremony the other day, and the commencement speaker talked about walls.  At first I thought that it was going to be a typical commencement speech: dry, boring, and rather cliche.  Instead, it was really thought provoking.  He started by reading the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost.  If you’re interested, you can find the poem here: http://www.bartleby.com/104/64.html

We use walls (both literal and figurative) to keep things in or out.  In the yard, we use fences or walls to keep things in, like dogs, and to keep other things out, like children and other people’s dogs.  Figurative walls are a little harder to see.  We all have emotional walls we put around ourselves… some of us more than others.  We keep our emotions or our true selves bottled up (walls to keep things in) or are careful about what we tell others or how we interact with them (walls to keep things out).

Not that walls are bad.  Walls protect us and others.  For instance, I hate when I go grocery shopping and someone stops me in the peanut butter aisle to tell me all about their Aunt Edna’s colonoscopy.  Not telling me about that… good wall.

The problem comes when we block ourselves off from people or ideas.  I recently had an experience in which I met someone  who I connected with.  She said she’d contact me, but never did.  I later learned that she was lonely and didn’t feel like she had a lot of friends, but was afraid to contact me for whatever reason.  I didn’t contact her because she has a ton of Facebook friends, so I assumed she had “enough” friends.  It was an eye opening moment for me.  I think that people tend to be afraid to make the first move with others.  I’m trying to be more open to new experiences.

I challenge you to do the same.