30 Days of Gratitude Project- Day 2

IMG_14771. I’m grateful that I have a functioning coffee maker. (Don’t laugh… it’s really important.)

2. I’m grateful I have wonderful dogs who are always happy to see me.

3. I’m grateful I have such supportive friends who I know I can count on no matter what.

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 1

IMG_1476Day 1 of the 30 Days of Gratitude Project. 1. I’m grateful that I had such a wonderful Halloween/ Anniversary yesterday. Nearly perfect days like that don’t come along all that often. 2. I’m grateful for my strong body that allows me to do everything I need/ want to do. 3. I’m grateful I have a job and partner I love, so that going to work isn’t something I dread!

Gratitude Project

Tracy Arm, Alaska; Photo Credit: Doree Weller

Tracy Arm, Alaska; Photo Credit: Doree Weller

We all have a million things that we wish.  I wish I were thinner.  I wish I had more time.  I wish I could keep my house clean.  I try to focus on the positive rather than the negative, but it’s hard.  I thought that instead of privately trying to change my thinking, I’d put it out there for everyone to see and hopefully join in.

With November (aka Thanksgiving month) almost here, I wanted to try something new.  I’m undertaking a “gratitude project.”  In addition to my normal blogs, I’m going to post three positive things every day, and I challenge anyone interested to do the same.  I’m also doing this same thing on my personal Facebook page.  The challenge is to find three things to be grateful for every day.  These could be positive things that happened, a thank you to someone, something good about me, or just something that I’m grateful or happy for in general.  Repeats are allowed.  (I’m sure I’m going to be grateful for my dogs more than once in November.)

Anyone in?