L is for Longmire

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My theme this month is 26 of the Best Characters in Fiction.


Two Longmire books in a stack of my TBRs from December.

I’ve had several letters where I’ve had to choose between one character or another (or like 5 different ones), but this is the first one where I’ve had to choose between a hero (Longmire) or a villain (Hannibal Lecter).

Walt Longmire is an interesting guy, and I first got acquainted with him on the TV show of the same name. He’s the hero of a series of mystery novels by Craig Johnson, the first one of which is The Cold Dish. Yes, it’s referring to revenge.

The show and the books are similar only in a few of the main characters, and the basic plot of some of the books.

Longmire is the sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming. He’s an old-fashioned hero, always trying to do the right thing. He’s chivalrous and has a rigid moral code that he lives by.

There’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned hero; it’s just that many modern heroes tend to be more emotionally complex. Sometimes it’s nice to spend time with a guy who always wants to do the right thing.

His friends are always trying to get him to take better care of himself, but he lives for his his job and protecting others. He knows and is on good terms with most of the people in the county. There’s also an Indian reservation right near Longmire’s county, and he has has some experiences with Indian spirit guides throughout the books. Longmire’s best friend is Henry Standing Bear, and I could have written an entire blog about Henry as well (but I didn’t).

I appreciate the differences between the books and the show, and I enjoy them both. It’s nice when they’re different, but still both enjoyable. I think that often, when that happens, it’s obviously largely because of good writing, but it’s also because of strong characters who can carry two different storylines and still remain true to who they are.

Have you seen the show or read the books?