A Tale of Two Doggies

I have two dogs.  Both of them are wonderfully good dogs with very different personalities.

_dsf4196Midnyte is purely dog.  She’s a lab mix, not too bright, but always ready to play, bringing me slobbery ball after slobbery ball.  At over 14, she slows down a lot faster than she used to, but if I’m ready to play, she’s in… no matter how much she might limp later.

When there are no humans around, she mostly lays or rolls in the grass.  She prefers to be the center of attention, and growls or barks if her sister does anything “against the rules.”  She also can’t stand if Ripley gets any attention whatsoever.  We’ve nicknamed Midnyte the “fun hater,” though it would be more accurate to say she only hates fun if she’s not the one having it.

IMG_1549 - Version 2 – Version 3Ripley, on the other hand, I’m convinced is a human trapped in a dog’s body.  I knew we were in for a unique experience when at just a couple months old, she sat quietly, watching me load the dishwasher, as if she were trying to figure out something not quite understandable to her.  Over the years, she’s repeated that quiet watching many times, on many different things.

We never trained Ripley, but she knew all her basic commands within a week of coming home.  She watched what Midnyte did, and learned everything.  She doesn’t take liberties with a gratuitous lick of anything that doesn’t belong to her, even if it is nose height.  But she also doesn’t learn anything she doesn’t want to.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get her to stop jumping on me when I get home.  Whether I’m gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, I get the leap up and whine like a lunatic treatment. Every.  Single.  Time.  She never used to do this to anyone else, though she has recently started it with my husband.

Unsupervised in the yard, Ripley will run or trot around, sniffing the air, carrying a frisbee.  She looks into trees and barks at squirrels who dare to invade her yard.  If she comes up to me, frisbee in her mouth, it’s because she’s checking on me.  She doesn’t want anyone to take her frisbee (or whatever she has in her mouth).  Like a child, she just wants to show it off and be given feedback on how wonderful it is.

Ripley hates to get wet, preferring to hold it as long as possible when it rains, until she shoots outside to do her business as quickly as possible.  There have been times when I’ve dragged her out in the rain on leash, and she huddles miserably, looking up at me with those accusing eyes.  She doesn’t do her business; she just looks beaten.  So, I’ve learned that when it reaches emergency levels, she’ll go out, but not a moment before, and it’s no use trying to make her do anything.

Every dog I’ve ever had has their own unique personality. Each one is the best dog ever.

Like most dog owners, I prefer my dogs to most people I meet.

Feel free to comment with pictures of your own dog(s). 🙂