Oprah’s Interview with JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s story inspires me on so many different levels.  One of the things I keep in mind is that Harry Potter was rejected by 12 different publishing houses.  Twelve.  That means that the rejections aren’t meaningful.  I just need to keep writing, keep submitting, and keep believing.

In the interview, JK Rowling stated that Harry Potter and the other characters were so much a part of her life that she could easily write another two books.  She didn’t say (as the article I referred to two weeks ago implied) that she wanted to write another book.  She said that the characters are in her head and that she won’t rule out writing another book, but that she feels that she’s done with the books.

One thing I found interesting is that JK Rowling likens magic to a belief in personal power.  The Harry Potter books were all about personal power, and how people could go from being unimportant to saving the world.  I know that I connected with the characters in part because they were people I could imagine hanging out with.  Harry and Ron are just regular guys, while Hermione is a know it all who’s just a great friend.  Neville is one of those poor guys who got made fun of in high school because he never quite fit in.  These were the people in my high school.  (I was… okay, am… Hermione).

Here’s a link to the text summary of the interview.  The interview is available on YouTube.  It’s a really great interview.