N is for Now

DSCN2524In the past, I’ve struggled with how to live in the now.  I’m prone to anxiety, and I like to plan.  I’m okay with chaos, as long as the plan is chaos.  I’ve had a hard time remembering to focus on today, but it’s satisfying.  Now is the only time that really exists, so I try to enjoy it.

I’m not very good at sitting and smelling the proverbial flowers.  I like to work in my garden and get a good sniff of lavender or basil or tomatoes or mint, but I struggle with sitting on my patio and just soaking up the moment.

I like the idea of relaxation in theory, but the moment I sit down, I think of 2,389 things that need to be done, and of course, they can’t wait 5 minutes for me.

There was a time when I beat myself up for not being able to sit and relax, but then I realized that I like doing things.  I like being active in my now.  Who said that you had to sit down in order to smell the flowers?  I think I’m doing just fine by weeding the yard, playing with the dogs, and taking a good sniff from time to time.