A to Z Reflections, 2017 #atozchallenge

This is the 7th year I’ve participated in A to Z.

survivor-atoz [2017] v1Over the years, I’ve gotten better about planning ahead. Not great, but better.

One person said that she wrote all her posts in February. February! I admire people with those kinds of organizational skills.

When I was in college, if I wrote a paper ahead of time, I’d spend time editing and changing and editing until the deadline. Then I’d get a lower grade than if I just did it at the last minute.


I wrote most of my posts a week at a time, though not all of them. Some I did on the day of.

But I’m proud of myself, because every post went live on the correct date. I’m not sure that I’ve ever gotten a perfect score before.


As always, it’s fun to read other people’s blogs. Here are a few of my favorites:

Janet’s Smiles

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Megan Moran (romance author)

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Zombie Flamingos

This year, I had many fewer visitors than in previous years with the old format. Though that may have been partly my fault because it wasn’t until after the challenge was over that I learned there was a Facebook page. I’m not sure how I missed that info, but I did. I was just posting on the actual Blogging A to Z webpage daily.

When I took the A to Z Challenge survey, I realized that I missed a lot of things I could be doing. Like, I didn’t use #atozchallenge in my titles. Because I didn’t know I was supposed to. There’s a lot of things I could be doing to get the word out about my blog.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing great at this whole internet thing, and other times I realize how much I have to learn. (Did I just show my age there?… *sigh*)

I could say I should be better at this because it’s year 7. But I’d rather just say that I’m learning and improving every year. And as long as I’m headed in the right direction, that’s what matters, right?


P is for Patience/ Procrastination

Photo credit- Doree Weller, Schnepf Farms, AZ

Photo credit- Doree Weller, Schnepf Farms, AZ

My original thought was to do a blog on Pet Peeves, but I couldn’t come up with a list of things to complain about!  I guess that means that life is good and I’m pretty happy.

I’ve often been told I have a lot of patience, and it’s true that I do.  That can be both a positive and a negative for me.  It means that I don’t get upset when I have to wait for things.  But it can also make me a great procrastinator, under the guise of patience.  Instead of doing, I’ll just wait until the time is right.  It’s part of my philosophy that good things come to those who wait and all that.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I’m happy to wait for things, even though it makes some of my less patient friends a little crazy.  I do think that I should procrastinate things I want a little bit less.  However, patience is a great excuse to procrastinate.  “Well, I’ll just get to that when I’m less busy.”  It allows me to put off my own wants and needs.  I’m extremely productive, but really bad at taking time out for myself.  You see, that’s one of the things I’m a patient procrastinator about… things I really want to do for myself.

How to be less of a procrastinator while still keeping the good parts of being patient?  No idea really.  I guess it’s something I’ll have to get around to working on.

Friday Writing Prompt- I’m Getting Around To That!

How many of us have said, “I’ll get to that tomorrow.  Or Monday.  Or when X happens.”?  I suspect every one of us has done this, with the best of intentions.  The thing is that tomorrow or Monday or X comes and goes and we don’t get around to it.

Last week, I wrote a post about goal setting, and I know I’m not the only one who deals with this.  I recently read a great article on why, when we mess up on our diet goals, we shouldn’t wait until Monday to get back on the wagon.

With that being said, it put me in mind of a perfect writing prompt.  Write about a time that you (or your character) put off something important.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, just something important to you (or the character).  Diet, exercise, writing, a new hobby, getting a dog, volunteering.

On a related topic, why do you suppose most of us put things off that are important to us?  In part, I blame our busy schedules and the Internet.  But it has to go deeper than that.  Theories, anyone?