Z is for Zaftig, Zen, and Zee End!

Isn’t zaftig such a great word?  I’m proud of my zaftig figure, and with all the posts about weight issues and insecurity earlier this month, I thought it was a fitting word, though I can’t write an entire post about it.

I like to think of myself as continually striving toward a zen attitude.  There are so many things that we cannot change, and we can choose to stress about them, or not.  I’m not saying it’s an easy choice… it’s often not.  But if I can’t change it, why stress about it?

I try not to waste time.  I have bad days, bad attitudes, but mostly I try to stay focused on today and tomorrow.  I look at the past only to learn from it or to get enjoyment out of it.  Those things in the past that cause me pain, I *try* to forget.  I try.  I know I’m not perfect, and I’m okay with it.

This A to Z blogging experience taught me a number of things.  First, I can blog every day if I choose to.  Before this, I missed more days than I wanted to.  Now I know that it’s just laziness if I miss a day.  Posting something isn’t that hard, and I had more ideas than I knew what to do with during the A to Z challenge.

Second thing I learned: there are a ton of great blogs out there.  Some of my favorites:

Cynthia Dwyer–  Too much funniness in one place.

Darlene Steelman– She’s witty, she’s thoughtful.  Go here for your daily dose of something interesting.

Charmaine Clancy– Murder, mayhem, mystery, and young adult novels… need I say more?

SquareToothedGirl– Read her blog and she’ll teach you the signs of everything from a yoga addict to bedtime.  It’s funny and informative.  Plus, she posts disturbing pictures of yoga positions.  Enjoy!

Random Rants– This site really is random rants, but if you’re a certain kind of person, you’ll enjoy them.

This has been a great month.  Thanks to all who’ve participated, who’ve read my blog and others.  I’m interested to see what I can come up with next month!