Salacious “Reality” TV

imagesby The TV Guy

The Investigation Discovery (ID) Network, a member of the Discovery Channel, family brings us such shows as Wicked Attraction, Deadly Women, Surviving Evil and Deadly Affairs, among others. These shows are based on real life murders; usually the spouse is the murderer or the murdered. The shows draw the viewer in with a dark premise of an unsolved murder and the process of solving the murder.

South Park did a spoof on these shows, referring to it as murder porn. I had not thought of it as such until then. It really is addictive, and viewers find themselves watching one after the other out of a twisted desire to see what will happen next. It is very similar to slowing down to view a car accident.

With all that said, I enjoy this genre of “reality” television. They make it look like news, and while it is loosely based on a real event, they twist the stories into a salacious and glamorized form for our entertainment.

Fake TV

TV is supposed to be fake…

UnknownI got caught up in a reality show that airs on the Food Network called Mystery Diners. A team of undercover surveillance people set the restaurant up with cameras and audio to catch workers stealing, lying or just being rude. The show is funny, watching the employee of the month at one place get caught on camera throwing away orders from other servers, lying to management and calling a customer a bitch to her face. The concept is great, catching staff in dirty tricks and out right theft.

Well, it has come to my attention it was all faked and the production company created a fake reality show. When the crew was in Arizona at a couple of places the staff at the restaurants ratted out the production company for staging everything that was seen on TV. It was a good idea that just did not pan out I guess, its just sad that in the quest for ratings some people will do whatever it takes to have a hit show.

The Biggest Loser, Newest Season

So Sad!

I am a fan of many of the reality shows. I enjoy The Voice, Deadliest Catch and even So you think you can Dance. In the past I had been a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. My opinion has soured on the long time reality series that helps morbidly obese people change their lives. Jillian Michaels is a great trainer with all kinds of products and endorsements. She lives in a world of the super skinny and gym rat crowd that judges those who struggle with their weight. The few minutes I watched disgusted me; she is ridiculous and unrealistic when working with people of the size of many of her participants. People were passing out and the paramedics on scene were hopping from person to person. The quality show I once enjoyed has become unwatchable and a shame. Do people need encouragement and need to be pushed at times? Absolutely!! Her brand of “tough love” was disturbing and painful to watch. So this season I will watch something else.