Just Stop With the Harry Potter Stuff Already, Okay? Just… Stop.

img_7684My husband and I recently hung out with his family, and my sister and brother-in-law couldn’t believe that not only had I not seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I really, really didn’t want to. They asked if I’d read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and I had to explain that it wasn’t even a real book.

I was slow to board the Harry Potter train (see what I did there… c’mon, that was funny!). People told me how great the books were, but because I’m contrary, I didn’t read them. But by the time the third book was out, I decided that I should read the first one so I could tell everyone that they were WRONG for loving them.

Yeah, it didn’t work out that way. I loved the first book. And the second. And the third. So I was crazy with anticipation as I waited for the fourth book to come out. I went to the bookstore at midnight. I told everyone who’d listen how great the books were. And I think I lost four copies of the first book after I loaned them out and they were never returned. That’s okay though… at least I introduced people to the magic of the world.

I love the books. If I got my letter to Hogwarts tomorrow (a few years later than most people), I’d be on Expedia buying a ticket London, heading to King’s Cross station before you could say “Accio Adulthood.”

The books aren’t perfect, of course. But they were good, and fun, and I enjoy re-reading them.

In my mind, there are seven books. The series is over. I don’t want to read the screenplay or see the spin-offs. I was happy with the ending, and anything else is likely to ruin it for me. It’s like when I have the perfect dinner, and eat one bite too many of dessert. Then I feel sick and start to regret the whole meal. Or when I go to paint night, and I like my painting, but because I’m done with it before everyone else, I fiddle with it, adding strokes or details, and eventually add too much and then I hate it.

Enough is enough. Seriously.

The Harry Potter series is seven books. As far as I’m concerned, the others don’t exist. Leave me be in my happy world of denial.


Lost and Unfortunately Found…

by The TV Guy

imagesThe long running series Lost is on Hulu for all to watch. I have tried, I have watched most of the first season. I have to say the story could have been interesting. Just when you think its going somewhere it just circles back around and you are in someone’s flashback. I guess if you have nothing else better to do and you really have some free time you may want to venture into this “cutting edge” series. I wanted to like this; it was all the rage for the six long and painful seasons that it ran. I wanted to be swept away into the intrigue and mystery of the tropical island and its numerous residents including but not limited to polar bears, boars and a freaky French woman who killed all her friends and set her son loose on the island; plus the 40 something survivors of the ill-fated flight from Sydney to LA.  There were moments when I wanted to poke my eyes out from the boredom, yet I continued to watch waiting for the “magic” that never came.

My recommendation: don’t bother.