Sometimes You Just Need A Day Off

Every day is a day off for us, because we're lazy house cats.

Every day is a day off for us, because we’re lazy house cats.

I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the earth yesterday (and most of today), but I’m nursing what I think is bronchitis.

On Wellness Wednesdays, I usually post about a wellness topic.  This one is particularly appropriate for me, as I hate doing nothing.  I feel guilty when I don’t accomplish anything.  But as I lay on the couch, drinking tea, wheezing, and dealing with a huge headache, I realized that there was no point in fighting it.  I was going to have a day off whether I wanted it or not.

Deciding to finally embrace it, I picked up Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, which was sitting on my bookshelf.  I knew nothing about it, but though it would be a nice, light read.

Um, wrong.

There was nothing light about it, but that didn’t stop me from reading straight through to the end, despite the awful pain in my head.

I am feeling marginally better today, telling myself that it won’t kill me to have someone else do everything that needs to get done for a few days.

I guess the moral of this Wellness Wednesday is that sometimes you need to be okay with taking time off.  And that the world won’t stop just because you’ve started a love affair with your couch.

But I wouldn’t complain if tomorrow, I woke up feeling good as new.  🙂