My Book Wishlist Solution

IMG_0181There are always books I want that I’m not going to buy or borrow right away. Sometimes (usually) it’s because I already have a million books stacked up, staring accusingly at me. Sometimes it’s because I’m trying to complete a goal, and the book I want doesn’t meet that goal. Sometimes it’s just because I’m out somewhere and someone whose opinion I value has recommended a book to me.

I tried keeping track of them in my head, but apparently there’s only so much room up there.

I used to just keep a list of books in the notes section of my phone. I listed title and maybe author (if I knew it).

The list quickly spiraled out of control. I ended up with a list I couldn’t keep track of, no rhyme or reason to it. If I went to a bookstore or the library, I didn’t have a good way of sorting the list.

I got a now defunct app for my phone. I never loved that app. It was cumbersome to use, having to do multiple button pushes to add a book. And I had to add a book in a different section from books that were already on my list. If there was a way to sort them, I never figured it out. They were just there in the order I added them. Then one day, I couldn’t use the app anymore, and my wishlist had disappeared.

I’ve tried using the library’s and Amazon’s wishlist functions, but I end up not liking them because I have to log into a website. I want something quick and at my fingertips.

I have a digital list of all the books I own. It’s lovely; I can just scan them in either via barcode or manually enter them. I just recently noticed that the Sort It! app has a wishlist function as well.

I tried it, and I think this is the solution for me. It shows pictures of the books and is easy to use. I can sort by author, title, or publication date. It’s easy to add or delete books from the list. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of books you own or want to own/ read, I highly recommend Sort It! (There’s also versions for DVDs, music, etc.)

How do you keep track of your reading wishlist?

Do I Have That Book?


Photo of my in books in the process of being shelved… with bonus cat.

I was at Goodwill recently, and I was looking through books. I saw a copy of The Bone Collector, by Jeffery Deaver. I’ve wanted to read it, so I picked it up, along with a *few* other books.

Then I thought, “I need to check my Sort It app before I buy these.” Sure enough, I already own the Bone Collector.

As a book hoarder… ahem… collector, I’ve lost track of what’s in my library. Some books, that I’ve read approximately eleventy-million times, aren’t a problem to remember. Others, that I either haven’t read, or read a long time ago, or maybe can’t remember if I got it from the library or not, are a little more challenging.

A few years ago, I found this amazing app for my phone called Sort It, and the heavens opened up and rained gold on me. Maybe not quite that dramatic, but it feels pretty close sometimes. I’m working on culling my collection to get rid of some books, but it’s still going to take time. In case you’re wondering about my rules for keeping books or sending them to Half-Price Books, you can read them here.

How do you keep track of what books you own? Is this a problem for you?