Sucker Punch- Not What I Expected

I love bad movies, especially bad horror or bad action movies.  With the right attitude, they can be so much fun.  I got Sucker Punch from the library, expecting it to be bad in a “hurts so good way.”  It wasn’t.

It was great.

Sucker Punch got bad reviews, and not just by actual reviewers.  Moviegoers didn’t like it, and it left the theater pretty fast.  My theory is that no one “got” Sucker Punch.  I thought it was wonderful.  It was an action movie, a drama, with a little bit of steampunk built in.  The characters were wonderfully developed, and the music set the mood.  I must have this soundtrack!  Some of the songs were familiar but twisted (like Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit), and others were written for the movie.

If you have an opportunity, I recommend this movie.  It’s going on my wishlist for purchase.