Bizarre Foods

by The TV Guy

thI was watching an episode of Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods.  He was in the San Francisco area looking at alternative foods. Mind you, the term “alternative foods” already sets off the alarms about the utilization of plants or eating bugs or some other odd way to get protein into one’s diet.

Well, needless to say, it is just that.  He met with the folks from Hampton Creek Foods, a group of scientists and culinary professionals working on solutions for the need for high-protein products at a financial and environmental low-cost. They already have products on the shelves in the chain Whole Foods. They have created a mayonnaise that has no eggs and it is made from a plant product. They are working on an egg substitute that cooks, looks and even tastes like eggs with no cholesterol and does no harm to the planet in the production of the product. The company is backed by Bill Gates’ foundation, one of the many groups backing their endeavors for global change in the creation of sustainable protein for a growing and starving population.