Five Things Friday- February 2018

One- What I’m Writing

I’m still working on my YA horror novel, but I recently finished a few short stories and submitted them for anthologies. I also recently had a short story accepted into an anthology, so hopefully the publication date on that will be announced soon.

Two- Random Fact About Me

I talk to myself. Out loud sometimes. My dogs are fine with it.

Three- What I’m Grateful For This Month

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to settle back into routine. I love the holidays and all, but at the end of the day, I like it when my days are all pretty much the same. I’m grateful for my writing groups and their amazing feedback.

Four- When I Wasn’t Reading

I started skating again, which is wonderful! I’ve done a lot of work on my novel and editing short stories. I’ve been querying agents. And of course, I’ve been walking my crazy dog.

Five- Favorite Picture This Month

The Forces of Darkness really think the computer is for their benefit.

Happy Gratitude Day!

It’s not really Gratitude Day; I just made that up.  The thing is, this is the time of year when plenty of people post about gratitude, and I think it’s a good reminder, really any time, but especially as the year closes.  Many people look at their year in review, and I know I do.  This has been a great year for me; probably the best one in a long time.

This year, I finally found a job I love, I’ve gone 4 years without moving (yay!), I’m getting along with everyone in my family, I’m licensed, I’ve been published multiple times, and I have a great group of friends.  This is the year that I’ve also started getting healthier and eating better.  So, 2011 has been a really good year for me.

I’m grateful for all the things I’ve just mentioned, in part because they’re things I haven’t always had.  I believe that the point of life is to do things that bring you and others joy while harming no one intentionally.  We can’t get through life without ever harming someone.  As much as I’d like to, it’s just not possible.  For that reason, I try to do as much as possible that brings me joy and try to abolish the word “should” from my vocabulary.  “Should” is a dirty word to me.  Why “should” I?  If you do things that bring you and others joy and intentionally harm no one, the rest just sort of falls into place.

It’s easy to be grateful when you’re doing what you like to do, surrounding yourself with positive people, and trying to spread joy, even if it’s with a smile or a “thank you.”  Little courtesies go a long way, especially in this over-busy, over-sugared, over-stressed holiday season.  Take a deep breath.  And remember to be nice to you today.

I love top 10 lists, so here’s a list of 10 things I’m grateful for:

1.  My family (this includes my parents, my husband, and the friends I consider family)

2.  My friends (all those wild and wacky folks who keep my on my toes)

3.  My fur babies- I love my cats and dogs, even when I’m convinced I want to kill them.

4.  Christmas lights- Although I don’t want to go to all the trouble to put up lights, I’m glad someone else does!

5.  My job- It’s a lousy economy, and I’m glad that I have a job.  I’m even luckier to have one I like.

6.  My health- Sure, it’s a cliche, but when you don’t feel well, nothing else matters.  Because I’m eating better, my health is improving.

7.  Weird socks- Yes, it’s a small thing, but I can put crazy things on my feet that I wouldn’t necessarily wear on a T-shirt.  I know they’re there, and it’s like a secret bit of sunshine I carry with me.

8.  Pandora radio- I love music, and Pandora allows me to be as moody as I want with music.  If I want to hear a type of music I don’t have on my iPod, no problem!  Just create a station!

9.  My library- I’m an addict, and I know it.  My library is the best.  They’re a small library, but they’ll get me anything I want from all the libraries in the valley.  That means that as long as I’m willing to wait, it’ll get there eventually.

10.  My laptop- No, seriously.  In the days before my laptop, I had to actually go to another room and sit in front of a computer in order to surf the internet.  In the time my computer used to take to dial up to aol, I could take a nap, make a five course dinner, walk the dog, and send a message to space aliens.  These days, I’m on the internet in no time.

I’ve chosen a couple other blog entries on related topics that you may enjoy.  I know I did!