Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up

imagesThis has nothing to do with Blogging A to Z… If you’re looking for the letter “B,” just scroll down. ¬†ūüôā

This week’s episode and the season finale… not what I was expecting, not at all, but it’s in a good way!

Spoilers ahead!…

In the graphic novel, the first compendium ends with the folks from the prison fleeing as the Governor’s people attack. ¬†I was expecting something more along those lines instead of them hiding out having pretended to leave, then attacking.

I’m glad Rick decided to bring the people from Woodbury back to the prison. ¬†That’s the kind of leader I wanted him to be. ¬†Carl on the other hand… Is Carl going sociopath on us? ¬†Growing up in the world like that would change anyone, but a child, without a frame of reference? ¬†It’s an interesting story arc, and I can’t wait to see how they handle it.

The two characters I disliked are dead this season: Andrea and Lori. ¬†But the bus brought in a whole bunch of new and interesting potential characters. ¬†There’s a lot of possibilities for next season.

The Governor is still out there. ¬†They won the battle, but that doesn’t mean much. ¬†The Governor will be back, and I’m sure we all know it. ¬†I can’t believe we have to wait until October for the next season to start! ¬†Here’s a link to the cast and producers talking about next season. ¬†I had no idea Andrew Lincoln was English! ¬†His accent freaked me out when I heard it!

This is the end of the Walking Dead updates for the season, friends… I know you’re just as sad as I am. ¬†ūüė¶

Talking Dead

imagesI’m not sure if I loved or hated this week’s Walking Dead, though I think I feel that way almost every week. ¬†The mid-season premiere certainly addressed all the cliffhangers in the finale, but now I have to wait week to week again to find out what’s next!

Here be spoilers!

Daryl left with Merle! ¬†Though I thought this might happen… why, why, why? ¬†Rick is obviously lost without him, and the way Daryl reacted (or didn’t) when Rick knocked Merle over the head tells me he knows his brother is a jerk who can’t be with civilized people.

Still nothing much happening at Woodbury. ¬†I’m so bored with Woodbury. ¬†The people there are cardboard, and I’m tired of Andrea. ¬†She’s obviously smart, but just doesn’t seem to get it. ¬†Even the Governor isn’t all that interesting anymore. ¬†I’m just waiting for him to attack the jail, but that probably won’t happen until the last episode.

Rick is losing it, which makes for interesting TV, but is sort of melodramatic in my opinion. ¬†He’s probably sleep deprived, definitely grieving, and now he’s seeing his dead wife? ¬†C’mon now! ¬†I mean, that’s not an abnormal grief reaction, especially in such a stressful situation, but waving his gun around and screaming is a little much for me.

I agree with Hershel… they have to start trusting people. ¬†Rick seems to forget that he was accepted into groups, and if they had left him alone, he probably would have died. ¬†First Glenn saved him in the city. ¬†Then he got accepted into the larger group. ¬†Then they traveled to the farm and convinced Hershel to let him stay on. ¬†I understand that he’s got a child and a new baby, but most people are good people, even in stressful situations (I really believe that). ¬†Of course, my opinion may be colored by the fact that Tyrese was such a great guy in the books that I can’t wait for him to be assimilated into the group.

Either way, I’m glad it’s back… and I’m not the only one. ¬†Apparently, The Walking Dead was the most viewed show on Sunday night, even up against the Grammy’s. ¬†Hey, when TV is creative and quality, people pay attention.