Zoo- A Review

imagesZoo, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge was another pick of my book club.  James Patterson novels have been recommended to me over and over, and I’ve just never been motivated to read one.  This one had an interesting premise, but mixed reviews on Amazon… it seems people either loved it or hated it.

Honestly, I both loved it and hated it.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was a compelling story with characters I really enjoyed and wanted to succeed.  Jackson Oz is an underdog, a scientist who dropped out on his way to a Ph.D. to spread the word on his theory about HAC, Human-Animal Conflict.  He noticed a pattern, that there were more animal attacks in the last 4 years than the previous 50.  Animal behavior is changing, but he can’t explain why, and at first, no one believes him.

I don’t enjoy books where animals are harmed.  I know it’s fiction, but it doesn’t feel like fiction to me, and there are times I will stop reading something because of this.  I didn’t do that with this book because I wanted to see what happened.  But if you’re squeamish about this the way I am, this may not be a good book for you.

It’s a modern day apocalypse novel, but this one is definitely different from all the other zombie/ climate change stuff you read.  I liked the premise and I liked the way it’s carried out in the book.  Some of the reviewers on Amazon complain that the science isn’t sound.  I don’t know about that, but it sounded good to me, and for fiction, that’s all I ask.  It made sense in the world presented to me, so it worked.

It’s a good book and worth reading.  As I said, I couldn’t put it down, and it’s rather disturbing.  I’ll be returning it to the library and won’t be buying it, but it will definitely stick in my mind, and does make me want to read other Patterson books.