Completed Works and Publication Credits

Flowers When You’re Crazy (genre: real world novella) Coming soon with E&GJ Little Press.

Frank and Joanna met and fell in love while they were in college. They broke up after Frank got tired of Joanna’s erratic behavior. But every few years, Joanna comes back into Frank’s life and asks him to help her. How much do you owe someone you once loved?

Welcome Home, (genre: real world) now available online at On the Premises (April 2017)

Angie was excited when her mom decided to take in foster children, but Kendra was weird and awkward, and nothing like she expected. But a surprise placement makes her see Kendra in a new way and question the assumptions she has about others.

First Date, (genre: horror) now available online at Digital Fiction Pub (May 2016) and for purchase through Amazon (July 2016).

First Date, (genre: horror) available in print in Blood & Roses, edited by Jo-Anne Russell or Katie Neipris (depending on which version you get.)   (November 2013)  (Available on Amazon.)

Lauren isn’t the prettiest or the smartest, but she somehow manages to catch David’s eye.  On their first date, she learns that they share certain common interests and their date takes an unusual turn.

Questions Without Answers, (genre: real world) flash fiction (July 2012)

Veronica, (genre: horror) available online at Spinetingler Magazine (September 2011)

Veronica hates men, believes they’re the scum of the earth.  One day, she meets Average Joe, and she begins to question everything she thought she knew.

Silent Screams, (genre: science fiction/ horror) available in print in In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream, edited by Donna Burgess  (May 2011)  (currently out of print)

A young woman on a space station knows that her psychic powers could get her killed, but then she finds out something that could kill everyone.

Seasons in the Abyss, (genre: horror) edited by Jack Burton (January 2011)  (currently out of print)

Snowmen– Grandma thinks that the snowmen are moving, but no one believes her.

Allergies– Two boys decide to disprove the idea that you can be possessed.

The First Cut (poem), available in print in House of Horror, the Best of 2010, edited by S.E. Cox (December 2010)  (currently available)

Visitation Day, (genre: real world) available online at On The Premises  (November 2010)

Emma loves her daughter, Maya, more than anything, but hates visitation day.  She hates how the caseworker watches her, and how she has to give Maya back to the foster mother at the end of the visit.  Emma would do anything for her daughter.  Anything.  But what does that mean?



2 comments on “Completed Works and Publication Credits

  1. hafong says:

    I’ve just read Veronica! I’m glad she didn’t kill the guy and maybe she had to kill herself. Even so, I’m happy she saw that she was not right in her judgement of all men. But her feelings does resonate with me. Reminds me of the 70’s and 80’s and the way of men and women. Very good, a thumbs up!


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