Restaurants of the Future

One of the best ever movie scenes depicting the future comes from Demolition Man.  In the scene, Sandra Bullock’s character explains to Sylvester Stallone’s character that Taco Bell won the “franchise wars” and that all restaurants are now Taco Bell.  While I don’t want Taco Bell to be the only restaurant in my future, it does lead to the interesting question of what the future will be like.

The first of the fast food restaurants, McDonald’s, opened its doors in 1937.  Less than 100 years later, fast food is a staple of the American diet.  Will food get faster or slower over the next 100 years?  Will it get healthier or saltier & fattier?  It’s interesting for me to speculate, even though I know I’ll probably get it wrong.  Still, movies like Demolition Man and Back to the Future are great because they’re set far enough into the future that things could be very different, but not so far that we don’t get to see the reality.

I came up with this post after seeing an article on “Best New Restaurant Designs.”  These restaurants take their inspiration from both the past and from the future.  I’d like to eat in some of them just to look around at all the cool stuff!  Who cares what the food is like?  Enjoy.

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