Atlas Shrugged- Movie Review

by The TV Guy

UnknownAtlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, finally became a film after decades of inability to come up with a deal the author could agree with. The movie was in two parts, and at times felt like one of those after school specials funded by some sort of ultra right wing group. This is a book and movie that has been embraced by conservatives as a justification for greed and selfishness. The book was originally panned as an angry mean book that had no place in America thought when it was first written.

I support some of the basic ideas of allowing people to meet their own greatness. The problem with Rand is that her life experience has thoroughly distorted her sense of reality. She believed that by doing for others we hurt everyone. She has allowed for a generation of super rich to justify their greed and encourage them to have general disgust for those who have nothing.

Watch this, don’t watch this; it’s your call. The movie was so poorly put together that actors in part 1 and part 2 were different. I have to think that those who did part 1 had some sort of regret and became unable to part 2.

If you want a laugh, check this movie out. If you enjoy incongruent thought and average Joe bashing you will enjoy this one.

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