Crazy Bedrooms

Do you ever dream of winning the lottery?  I do, and I don’t even play!

There’s just something about the idea of all that money that appeals to me.  I don’t want to buy more stuff.  Goodness knows I have enough stuff as it is.  For me, money means time.  I hate cleaning my house; it takes too much time away from things I enjoy.  I hate grocery shopping, laundry, pulling weeds… basically anything that involves too much real life.

However, I have to admit that once in awhile, the big house with the pool works it’s way into my fantasies.  If I had tons of money, I’d have a huge property with lots of room for my dogs to run, an outdoor (and indoor pool), a Jacuzzi, and someone to clean it all.  My thoughts are pretty tame by some standards.  If you really want to know how the mega-rich (and self-indulgent) live, take a look at the link… I write fantasy and sci-fi, but I couldn’t have dreamed up these bedrooms!


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