But What If There Are Bad People?

Yesterday, I posted my thoughts on the fact that news talks about the worst, focusing specifically on the concerns a lot of people have over bringing in refugees to the US.  The fears seem to focus on two things.  The first is that why should we bring in refugees when we have people (especially veterans) in need who aren’t being helped.  The second issue is that terrorists might pose as refugees to gain access to the US.

I talked about the veteran issue yesterday.  I didn’t cover it comprehensively, but I did have a few points to make.  Mostly they boil down to: if you’re concerned about them, help in any way you can, even if you can’t do much.

Today I’d like to address the second concern, the perhaps we shouldn’t help refugees because some of them might be terrorists.

It’s true.  People who want to harm others will do all sorts of things to reach their goal.  They might lie, posing as a needy population in order to gain access to our country, and perhaps harm us.  People who want to harm others do things like that.

I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t give into fear.  If someone attempts to harm me or someone I love, I will react and attempt to defend myself.  With deadly force, if needed.

But while I try to be prepared to act in a potential crisis situation, I’m not going to give in to fear.  I’m not going to live as if people mean to harm me.  Crime happens everywhere.  Murders, rapes, robberies.  Accidents do too.  I could be in a car crash later today.  Health crises also happen.  People can die at any time of heart attacks, cancer, strokes.  We’ve had mass shootings and terrorist acts within the US by citizens.  I take reasonable precautions, but I don’t live my life thinking about these things.  If I did, I wouldn’t have much of a life.

My point is that the terrorists who seek to control us are no different than any other bad people.  The fact that they say they’re motivated by religion doesn’t change their behaviors.  They’re bullies.  And we can’t give in to bullies.  Bullies want your fear.  They want you to see their faces everywhere you go.

Most refugees are just people, wanting to live a life free from fear, with their loved ones.  Some of them are selfish, and some of them are selfless.  Some of them are pleasant and polite.  Others are rude and entitled.  In other words, they’re pretty much like people everywhere.  We need to start focusing on the fact that groups are made up of diverse individuals.

A Muslim man in Paris stood blindfolded with a sign asking people to hug him if they were willing to trust him.  And many people did.  People who harm others aren’t motivated by religion or ideologies.  They might say they are, but it’s an excuse.  People who want to harm others are motivated by hate and fear.

Here’s a link to some Syrian refugees who live in the US.  They talk about coming to the US so that they can be safe.

I want to be clear:  I’m not offering an opinion on whether or not we should accept the refugees.  The reason I’m not offering that opinion is the there are a lot of factors to take into account, and I don’t feel that I’ve done enough research on the potential financial and social ramifications to offer an opinion in a public forum.  What I am asking of my readers is to take a critical look at their attitudes and beliefs.  Don’t allow hate and fear to influence decisions.  Let’s talk about facts and make decisions based on logic, not emotion.

3 comments on “But What If There Are Bad People?

  1. Elsa says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Thanx for the read!

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